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At Buddha Brands, the mini but mighty coconut is king. Using our favourite wonder-food, we make Hungry Buddha® Keto Bars, Thirsty Buddha® Coconut Water and Hungry Buddha® Coconut Chips. Our products are plant-based, clean, non-GMO and naturally delicious. Made with love & coconuts.

Get to know your new favorite snack, Hungry Buddha Keto Bars. With 9 grams of plant protein, 4g net carbs and 2g of sugar or less, our bars are packed with healthy fats and clean ingredients you can feel good about. A satisfying snack for whenever hunger strikes, perfect for keto and non-keto health seekers alike.

Certified Keto, Vegan, non-GMO. Free from peanuts, soy, sugar alcohols, palm oil and gluten. Available in three delicious flavors. Chocolate Chip, Coconut Cocoa and Espresso Brownie. Hungry yet?


When you’re not well hydrated, your body just isn’t at its best. Enter, Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water: a source of five essential electrolytes, vitamins and minerals that help keep you healthy, boost your metabolism and keep your blood sugar under control. Drop whatever soda, sports drink or juice you might have been drinking and pick up the natural hydrator with more potassium in a single serving than a banana.

Free from added sugars. Free from GMOs. Vegan certified and naturally gluten-free. Never from concentrate. Oh, and did we mention it’s also delicious and refreshing? Get to sipping, you can thank us later.

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1% for the Planet Member

We love the Earth, and we intend to do our part in protecting it. 1% for the Planet promotes giving from the business community to over 3000 approved environmental organizations that are working toward preservation and restoration of our natural environment. As a member company, we know that we’re contributing to climate efforts in a real way, and reducing our own carbon footprint through the help of every person who purchases a Buddha Brands product.

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Author Picture
Jas Website

Great bars, good fix when you need a little boost of energy!
From NaturaMarket.ca

Author Picture
Jami Website

I love all 3 of these flavors. My top choice is the Espresso Brownie, and second is the Chocolate Chip. Love all of them though! Soft and fudgey, not too sweet. Perfect for on the go. Going to keep one in my bag 24/7!
From NaturaMarket.ca

Author Picture
Patrick Website
Tasty, keto-friendly snack bar  

Delicious keto snack! Would buy again.
From Amazon.com

Author Picture
Amy Website

My husband and I have tried both the chocolate chip and espresso brownie and they both are great! So nice to have an on the go snack that we can grab for busy days and still stay on track with keto.
From Amazon.com

Love these  

Once you start diving deep into nutrition, it’s hard to find a bar that meets the stringent criteria, and especially one you enjoy eating. This one ticks all the boxes, helping me snack clean keto, and they are even vegan (though I’m not nearly full vegan). Recommend giving them a try
From Amazon.com

Author Picture
Phil Brianna Website
Healthy and so delicious!  

The espresso brownie bars are my go-to breakfast now, they're the perfect amount of sweetness for a bar. I can't wait to try the chocolate chip! A must-have keto bar!
From Amazon.com

Author Picture
JLeon Website
Excellent keto snack bar  

I have been very successful with my keto diet, and one of the things that has helped me is the Hungry Buddha snack bar, containing delicious flavours, protein and the lowest amount of carbs possible. It will satisfy your hunger mid morning or mid afternoon.
From NaturaMarket.ca

Author Picture
Maeghan Website
My favourite coconut water  

My favourite coconut water! Love that its a Canadian company too! If you're looking for a super strong coconut flavour, this one isn't for you. But it does have a very nice taste.

From Well.ca

Author Picture
Rozy Website
I looooooove Thirsty Buddha  

I loooooooove Thirsty Buddha and having them available by the litre is amazing! The flavour of Tasty Buddha is consistent from pack to pack which I feel is important because I've had some pretty disgusting experiences with other coconut water brands. I highly recommend this product to have after a workout, during a juice cleanse, or basically at anytime during your day. It's delicious! Also, if you're looking for something with more coconut flavour, try coconut milk.

From Well.ca

Author Picture
Karen Website
I love this coconut water  

I love this coconut water. It's fine on its own, but I sometimes like to add cocoa and a little maple syrup to the box, shake it up, and then drink it as a not-too-sweet chocolate milk.

From Well.ca