Buddha Bloggers With Love & Coconuts – Jeff’s Healthy Lifestyle

Buddha Bloggers With Love & Coconuts – Jeff’s Healthy Lifestyle



Nutrition is something that plays a huge role in my day to day life. Having a well prepared grocery list is something that I encourage everyone to live by. Myself and my Wife are both Plant Based and nothing excites me more than opening our fridge and looking at all the fruits and vegetables shining with vitamins and minerals. The basis of our meals really includes one phrase, “the food we put in our body either fuels disease or feeds health”. Another thing to add… be sure to “eat the Rainbow” by eating a variety of colours of fruits and vegetables because they all have different, but important, nutritional properties.


Being active is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and my favourite way to do that is to go to the gym. For me there is something about being in the gym and lifting my own body weight that gives me hope. Fitness inspires me to be a better person and maintain my personal physique. I want to be able to live a long, healthy life, without the need for any assistance.


For me a healthy lifestyle starts with a positive mindset, a mindset that allows you to push yourself but still enjoy the process. Creating healthy habits that force you to see Health and Wellness as a source longevity is key. Going for walks, hikes, drinking lots of water, clean eating, big smiles, all play a role in changing your mindset to empower yourself to be healthy

Challenge Yourself

If we challenge ourselves to accomplish a set amount of daily goals, this will in turn make you more productive in life. For example, when I hop out of bed in the morning, I follow this routine. Step 1. Make the Bed (check) Step 2. Go to the Gym (check) Step 3. Make a Healthy Breakfast (check). By 7AM I have already accomplished 3 things and this sense of accomplishment carries on into your day. Start out by making a checklist of things you want to accomplish in the run of a day. These can be very small items to bigger things. Throughout your day progressively check these items off and don’t be afraid to give yourself praise. Having that sense of accomplishment changes your attitude towards yourself, which is super important.

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