Buddha Bloggers With Love & Coconuts- Sareena’s Stress Turns to Success

Buddha Bloggers With Love & Coconuts- Sareena’s Stress Turns to Success

Hello, my name is Sareena, and I am a plant-based food blogger. I work online as an independent customer support representative as well. Two and a half years ago I was working in a high stress environment. I barely saw my family, and I was literally working myself to death. One day my body had enough, and it told me so. For months, I was in and out of the hospital as body was so worn down. I was sick, depressed, and over-worked. During this time, I started to do my food blog so that I would have something positive to focus on. I went from someone who used to hate being in the kitchen, to absolutely loving it.

From stress to success

I ended up quitting my job, and now I have so much time to focus on my family, my health, and my blog! Finding something that you’re passionate about, and being able to do it, made all the difference in my quality of life.

I spend my time now trying to be the best person I can be. Healthy eating and being more active is my main focus. I have also tried to reduce the amount of plastic that I use; and for the plastic that I still do have, I try to use them as many times as possible before replacing them with more environmentally conscious products. I don’t succeed in this everyday, but I try! Eating a mostly plant-based diet has brought me together with some amazing companies, including Buddha Brands! I love working with them as well as other companies who give back to communities and charities. They believe in positive change through their Coconut Initiative, they are committed to always working to be better and being inspired by the sustainability of the coconut itself!

My life so far has shown me that you must work hard to make things happen for yourself, and not expect that they will just come to you! The journey and the destination are worth it! Remember, it’s not just finding out what you are passionate about, it’s about taking steps to live it!

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