Buddha Brands got a Makeover!

Buddha Brands got a Makeover!


New look with the same great taste!

Buddha Brands got a makeover! Have you noticed?

After almost 7 years of Buddha Brands excitement, we believe it is time to establish an iconic brand look to serve our company for years to come. With the creation of new products and the continuous success of our OG products, we want to remain consistent and relevant with our brand identity. It is important to us that our packaging reflects the vision and mission that makes our brand unique.

Our new logo and visual identity represent Buddha Brands’ vitality, freshness, uniqueness and quality. If you look closely at our happy Buddha, you might notice a representation of a coconut tree, water and an island. This iconography signifies our commitment to sustainability.

No matter if it’s a Thirsty, Hungry or Healthy Buddha product, we want our customers to recognize our products as their go-to. Buddha Brands may have a new look, but all of our products have the same great taste!


New products!

Summer is here and that means fun drinks by the pool! We recently launched two new Sparkling Coconut Water flavours in Lime and Peach-Mango. Our Sparkling Coconut Waters are packed with electrolytes, with no added sugar and made in a BPA-Free can. With 5 Sparkling Coconut Water Flavours, the cocktail recipe possibilities are endless!


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