Introducing our new Buddha Brands website

Introducing our new Buddha Brands website

Following several months of planning we are delighted to launch our new Buddha Brands website.

The purpose of creating a new site was to better tell the Buddha Brands story and offer our consumers more information, recipes and inspiration about our delicious Thirsty Buddha® coconut water, Hungry Buddha ® snacks and Healthy Buddha™ coconut vinegar and nectar.

We’ve got a totally new look, and we’ve completely rethought the structure of the site to make things easy to find.

What’s more, the site is now compatible with the latest tablets and smart phones to allow visitors to keep in touch while on the move.

We’ve also added a powerful search engine to help you to find what you need quickly.

Take a tour of our new website

  • The revamped site features descriptions and benefits for each of our products, including flavours and size options available
  • Check out the handy links to both the online retailers and grocery and convenience stores who carry our brands in Where to Buy
  • Get to know us in the “About Us” section and explore the details of our Coconut Initiative™ and our long-standing relationship with 1% for the Planet.
  • We included a Frequently Asked Questions page to clarify any lingering questions you may have
  • The Recipe Centre offers all kinds of ideas for ingenious ways to use your favourite Buddha Brands coconut products
  • The Blog section is all new and will include interesting information on the industry, the power of coconuts and more—plus you can sign up for our newsletter so you never miss any exclusives!

By now you’re realizing that the new site is not just aesthetically pleasing, but very informative too (that’s right, we’ve got beauty and brains).

The site is fully bilingual and has links to our very active social media accounts (are you following us? Pop over there now!)

4 Reasons Why We’re Excited About Our New Website

1) The smooth process

When you plan to create a completely new website, you might expect a bit of chaos.

Quite the opposite, we experienced a very smooth process. We worked with the stellar team at Barxam Consulting , led by Sam Zamany.

In the end, a smooth process can only be guaranteed with the right people that fit with your company culture and ultimately, understand your brand identity.

2) The design

We wanted to push our design to the next level, reflecting the innovative and fast-growing character of our company.

This is why we extended our colour palette and created new logos, icons and designs, with a focus on soft rather than sharp edges. Can you spot the dual imagery in our new Buddha logo?

3) Smooth user-experience

Another reason we’re excited about our new website is the smooth user experience.

We don’t want you to waste time trying to find the information you need—that’s why we spent time on structure and made it easy to navigate, with a great search engine to help you find the content you need.

4) The content

We added resources to allow you to dig deeper into the benefits of coconuts and other topics that are important to our consumers.

Read about our Brand Ambassadors, get inspired by our ever-expanding Recipe Centre.

Find out anything you want to know About Us or get inspired to live your best life, inspired by our work with the Coconut Initiative.

Explore the website today and enjoy-