Frequently asked questions about our products, our production processes and where to find our delicious Buddha Brands coconut products


Q: Where can I find your product?

Looking for a coconut fix? Order online through one of our retailer partners, or find us at your local grocery or convenience store, check out our “Where to buy” section to discover Buddha Brands products available near you.

Q: Where do you source your coconuts from?

Our coconuts are sourced from the very best coconut farms in Southeast Asia. We only choose the very best, freshest coconuts for our Buddha Brand products.

Q: What is 1% For The Planet?

Big journeys are made of small steps.

As passionate members of 1% for the Planet, we give 1% of our sales to environmental and social causes. It’s part of our own campaign for positive change through the Coconut Initiative, our commitment to the planet inspired by the amazing sustainability of the coconut itself. With every purchase of Buddha Brands products, our coconut-community is showing love to our planet, and making a statement about what’s important them as socially conscious consumers.

Why do we support 1% for the Planet?

We love the Earth, and we intend to do our part in protecting it. The scale of environmental challenges we face is vast, from climate change to micro-plastic pollution. 1% for the Planet promotes giving from the business community to over 3000 approved environmental organizations that are working toward preservation and restoration of our natural environment.

What is 1% For The Planet?

1% for the Planet is a global organization that connects dollars and doers to accelerate smart environmental giving. They’re an alliance of businesses committed to leveraging their resources to create a healthier planet. Members recognize their responsibility to and dependence on a healthy environment and donate at least 1% of their annual net revenues to environmental organizations worldwide.


As members, Buddha Brand donates environmental non-profits that are working to restore, protect, and advocate for our home, planet earth.

Q: Are your coconuts sustainably sourced?

Yes. Buddha Brands considers environmental and social responsibility to be critical to our cause. We make every effort to work with only the most responsible partners in all aspects of our business and are proud to implement stringent standards both abroad and at home. Whether at our factories or in our offices, you can buy our products with confidence, knowing that we prioritize the health of people, our products and our planet.

Production Processes

Q: Why is Non-GMO important?

Many people are concerned about Genetically Modified foods, which can have both health and environmental risks.

Q: Are Buddha Brands Co. products Non-GMO?

You can sip your coconut water and snack on your coconut chips with confidence—all Buddha Brands products are Non-GMO verified by the Non-GMO Project

Q: Are Buddha Brand products certified Vegan?

Yes, all of our drinks and snacks are vegan, with the exception of our Hungry Buddha Coconut chips with honey

Q: Are Buddha Brands Co. products produced in a gluten-free/peanut-free/ dairy-free facility?

The good news: Thirsty Buddha and Hungry Buddha products are all naturally free from gluten, dairy and nuts. However, the facility that handles our products are not. While we take measures to reduce cross-contamination, for your safety we cannot guarantee that our products haven’t had contact with any allergens.

Q: Do you use artificial flavours or colours in your products?

Neither Thirsty Buddha coconut water nor Hungry Buddha coconut chips contain artificial flavours or colours. We’re all natural, all the time

Q: Is Thirsty Buddha coconut water from concentrate?

Nope, we are not from concentrate. Only pure coconut water love here.

Q: Is Thirsty Buddha pasteurized? What method do you use?

Our coconut water is flash pasteurized. This involves heating it at a high temperature for a short amount of time. We’ve found that this is the best way to maintain coconut water’s amazing nutritional value while making it safe for coconut-lovers to consume without adding preservatives.

Q: Are Hungry Buddha coconut chips baked or fried?

Our coconut chips are lightly baked to preserve both their healthy properties and their satisfying crunch

Product Usage

Q: How long will Thirsty Buddha coconut water stay fresh for after it’s opened?

If you can’t finish your coconut water in one sitting, you can refrigerate and store it for up to a week.

Q: Is coconut water safe to drink during pregnancy?

Absolutely. Thirsty Buddha is flash pasteurized, and therefore safe from any potentially harmful bacteria. In fact, as a source of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, drinking coconut water is a great way that Mommies-To-Be can ensure they’re staying hydrated and getting their essential nutrients

Q: I noticed my coconut vinegar has changed colours since opening. Is that normal?

Yes. Healthy Buddha Coconut vinegar will change colour as it ages, which is a normal part of its process. It does not affect the taste, uses or health benefits. With or without changes in its colour, Healthy Buddha Coconut Vinegar has a shelf life of 2 years!

Nutrition & Health Benefits

Q: Why is coconut water good for you?

Besides being tasty as can be, coconut water is a natural source of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. It’s low in cholesterol and calories, and is the perfect source of hydration for your active lifestyle

Q: Are coconut chips a good snack for kids?

Coconut chips are a great snack for little ones—they’re baked, peanut-free, high in fibre and low in sugar and sodium. They’re also an immunity-booster, helping to increase your kiddie’s resistance to germs and illness

Q: What makes coconut a superfood?

The amazing coconut is easy to digest, a natural antibiotic and a proven metabolism-booster that protects against heart disease and diabetes by regulating the way your body processes cholesterol and sugars. If that’s not superfood material, we don’t know what is!

Q: How much coconut water should I drink?

We know you can’t get enough of coconut water, but as with anything else, moderation is important. The exact amount you should consume depends on YOU—specifically your diet, lifestyle and activity level

Q: What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals that dissolve in your body when you consume them from food and drinks. They have the ever-important job of keeping you hydrated, stimulating your heart and other muscles, and maintaining your blood’s pH levels. Sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium are all essential electrolytes, and they’re all present in coconut water.


Q: Is your packaging BPA-free?

All of our cans and Tetra Paks are entirely BPA-free, so you can safely sip away

Q: Do unopened cans Tetra Paks need to be refrigerated?

Coconut water definitely tastes best when it’s chilled, but unopened cans and tetra paks do not need to be stored in the refrigerator in order to remain fresh