We love Earth, and we intend to do our part in protecting it.

Our goal? To donate $2 million to environmental groups by 2026.


Through 1% For The Planet, one per cent of our annual sales go to our favourite sustainable organizations. That means that with every can of Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water and every bag of Hungry Buddha Coconut Chips sold, our coconut-community is showing love to our planet, and making a statement about what's important to them.

To date, we've donated hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we've still got lots more to give.

charity : water

Hydration and health is everything to us. These are basic rights should be available to everyone, even those who can't easily walk into a store and buy a can of coconut water. 

We support charity : water, an organization that works to provide sustainable water solutions to people in developing countries. To date, sales of Buddha Brands Company products have facilitated the building of two water sustainable projects.

In Bangladesh, we funded a water project for the N.U.R.S. Secondary School that will continue to provide clean drinking water to over 300 students and teachers. In Nepal, the Shree Mahankal Secondary School now has access to clean water for its community of nearly 300 people. 

To get involved with charity : water, visit Charitywater.org


As a business operating out of major industrialized city, we support Evergreen, who focus on solving urban environmental issues.

They work to create more sustainable cities by promoting urban greenspaces, designing environmentally-optimized cities, supporting local gardens and creating school greenspaces for children to learn about environmentalism.

To get involved with Evergreen, visit Evergreen.ca


David Suzuki Foundation

As a Canadian company, we're invested in the health of our country's natural environments. We donate to the David Suzuki Foundation because they've been fighting for a more sustainable Canada for decades.

They seek to protect nature's diversity and, by consequence, the quality of life for us and the generations of Canadians to come. 

For more information, visit davidsuzuki.org


Oceana Canada

Transporting healthy and hydrating coconut water from South East Asia to North America on the open seas is taxing on our earth's oceans. To balance our carbon footprint, we support Oceana Canada, who are dedicated to protecting and restoring oceans across the globe. 

To support Oceana, visit oceana.org/


Whole Kids Foundation

We partnered with this non-profit founded by Whole Foods, one of our retail partners! With the goal of supporting schools and families to improve children's nutrition, they provide grants for sustainable school gardens, school salad bars and cooking and nutrition curriculum to teach kids how to make healthy and environmental food choices. 

Through the Whole Kids Foundation, we have sponsored school gardens at three schools across Canada, allowing kids to learn about how healthy eating and local farming is good for their bodies and their sustainable communities.

To get involved with Whole Kids Foundation, visit WholeKidsFoundation.org