Forever grateful for all that Planet Earth has to offer, we understand the importance of helping to create a healthier planet. 

Through 1% for the Planet we try to offset our carbon footprint. Buddha Brands Co. takes coconuts from trees; we help plant new ones. We transport our products by boat overseas; we help restore the oceans. We quench the thirst for life; we help create clean drinking water. 

We care for the environment, and have made it our responsibility to give back. We hope you’re inspired to do the same. #Giveback 

1 % for the Planet


1% for the Planet is a platform that brings together businesses and non-profit organizations who share a common belief – positive change. We've selected various organizations both big and small to help build a healthier planet. 

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1% for the Planet’s mission is to build, support and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. As we celebrate our 10 year anniversary and more than $100 million invested in positive environmental change by our member companies, we invite you to join us by supporting member businesses, volunteering with and donating to our nonprofit partners, and spreading the word about 1% for the Planet. For more information visit


charity: water

As a brand that proudly offers coconut water (nature’s ultimate hydrator) we support charity: water - an organization that works to provide clean, safe drinking water to those in need. Hydration is essential to life and we believe clean drinking water should be a basic human right. We appreciate the work that charity: water is doing and are proud to contribute and help spread the word about this amazing organization.

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Right now, 748 million people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s one in nine of us. Charity : water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. They use 100% of public donations to directly fund sustainable water solutions in areas of greatest need. For more information visit

All Hands Volunteers

With many communities around the world affected by natural disasters, there is much need for help. This is why we have chosen to support All Hands Volunteers. We hope that we can inspire others to do some good, get involved and lend a helping hand to those in need around the globe.

(Information provided by All Hands Volunteers)

All Hands is a US-based, non-profit organization, that addresses the immediate and long-term needs of communities impacted by natural disasters by engaging volunteers, partner organizations and local communities. We aim to demonstrate the power and value of volunteering through the tangible work done, the hope it brings to suffering communities, and the transformative experiences it provides for volunteers. For more information visit


Without a healthy planet, we ourselves cannot be healthy. Evergreen brings people together, teaches them about sustainability and offers inspiration for positive change. As a company, we never take for granted what this planet offers -- in beauty and resources -- and with that, we do our part to give back by supporting organizations like Evergreen in their quest to offer the tools needed to sustain and preserve a healthy planet.

"Over 85% of Canadians and half of the world's 7 billion people live in urban areas."
- Evergreen website

(Information provided by Evergreen)

We believe we can solve even the most pressing urban environmental issues by bringing diverse people together, inspiring them with possibilities and engaging them in identifying solutions and taking action. The need has never been more urgent.

To help create greener, more sustainable cities, we focus on four key areas:

Greenspace, Children, Food and CityWorks

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Trees for the Future

Trees are so much more than where we source our coconuts from. They are a home to animals, they create oxygen for us to breathe and they are essential to our global ecosystem. For every tree we take from, we want to plant another. 

(Information provided by Trees for the Future)

Trees for the Future is an organization dedicated to reforestation in rural communities in the developing world. They plant trees to help restore the environment, grow food and build a sustainable future, all while changing lives.

Over the years TREES has assisted thousands of communities in planting millions of trees in 19 countries including Ghana, which have restored life to land that was previously degraded or abandoned. For more information visit

David Suzuki Foundation

As a proudly Canadian owned and operated company, we happily support the amazing David Suzuki Foundation. Conserving our environment is an incredibly important initiative to our company and we admire the work that the David Suzuki Foundation is doing in order to educate, inform and inspire others to get involved, do their part and give back to our incredible planet.

(Information provided by David Suzuki Foundation)

We collaborate with Canadians from all walks of life, including government and business, to conserve our environment and find solutions that will create a sustainable Canada through science-based research, education and policy work. Our mission is to protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life, now and for the future. Our vision is that within a generation, Canadians act on the understanding that we are all interconnected and interdependent with nature. For more information visit



The health and well-being of our oceans is essential to all life forms on this planet. We feel an obligation to help care for the open waters. Supporting Oceana and the work that they do to help restore and protect our oceans is not only inspiring but a necessary and responsible step that all businesses should undertake in order to ensure that companies do not grow at the expense of our planet.   

(Information provided by Oceana)

Oceana is dedicated to protecting and restoring the world’s oceans on a global scale. Oceana seeks to make our oceans more biodiverse and abundant by winning policy victories in the countries that govern much of the world's marine life. For more information visit