Hungry Buddha

Get to know your new favourite snacks: Hungry Buddha Coconut Chips. These tasty and functional treats are a source of healthy fats and dietary fibre that fill you up with nourishing energy, and keep you feeling full long past snack-time. Eat them on their own, throw them on yogurt, oatmeal, salads, or anything else you can think of. When snacks are this tasty, there’s no wrong way to eat them.

Free from GMOs. Vegan certified and naturally gluten-free. Baked, never fried. Peanut-free. A source of vitamins and minerals, like potassium and calcium. Oh, and did we mention they’re delicious?

Hungry Buddha Coconut Chips and Coconut Jerky are available in multiple flavours offer a convenient and delicious way to beat snacking cravings.

Now get to snacking, you can thank us later.