Nutrition & Health Benefits

Q: Why is coconut water good for you?

Besides being tasty as can be, coconut water is a natural source of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. It’s low in cholesterol and calories, and is the perfect source of hydration for your active lifestyle!

Q: Are coconut chips a good snack for kids?

Coconut chips are a great snack for little ones—they’re baked, nut-free, high in fibre and low in sugar and sodium! They’re also an immunity-booster, helping to increase your kiddie’s resistance to germs and illness!

Q: What makes coconut a superfood?

The amazing coconut is easy to digest, a natural antibiotic and a proven metabolism-booster that protects against heart disease and diabetes by regulating the way your body processes cholesterol and sugars. If that’s not superfood material, we don’t know what is!

Q: How much coconut water should I drink?

We know you can’t get enough of coconut water, but as with anything else, moderation is important. The exact amount you should consume depends on YOU—specifically your diet, lifestyle and activity level!

Q: What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals that dissolve in your body when you consume them from food and drinks. They have the ever-important job of keeping you hydrated, stimulating your heart and other muscles, and maintaining your blood’s pH levels. Sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium are all essential electrolytes, and they’re all present in coconut water!