Buddha Brands Co. aims to inspire a balanced lifestyle to all life enthusiasts who are always ready to explore, enjoy and experience new and exciting things. 

As we share the same thirst for life and hunger for adventure, we don’t simply make products -- we make them better. We develop and promote innovative snacks and beverages, because our customers expect more than your average product. They believe, just like us, that a truly balanced lifestyle starts from within. 

In short? We want you to live healthy, be happy, and seek balance.

Owned by Temple Lifestyle (broker and distributor) we currently offer food and beverage products made with our favourite “superfood”, the beloved coconut! Our coconuts are sourced from Thailand - offering a sweet, clean and refreshing taste. Thirsty Buddha all natural coconut water was the first of our products to launch shortly after the inception of Temple Lifestyle in early 2008.

We value our consumer’s needs and wants and with open hearts and minds, we listen. With growing demand for coconut products, we introduced Thirsty Buddha's sister brand, Hungry Buddha! 

At Buddha Brands Co., we are inspired by intention, action and mindfulness, as well as respect for the self and the world around us. These are all values that our company seeks to embody on a daily basis. With our products, we promote sustainability and seek to empower people with the ability to make proper choices that will benefit the body and beyond.

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There are only more new and exciting adventures on the horizon, so look out for good things to come!

With love and coconuts #BuddhaBrandsCo


Our Vision

A balanced lifestyle for all through health and happiness. 

Our Mission

Here at Buddha Brands Co., our mission is to quench the thirst of life enthusiasts and feed the need for life's adventures. By offering innovative beverages and snacks, we affirm our belief that a genuinely balanced lifestyle starts from within. 
Live healthy. Be happy. Seek Balance.

Our Values


We act with purpose, guided by honesty, humanity and respect in everything we do because we believe that a good business is an ethical business.

We operate responsibly, demonstrating due care for human rights, environmental sustainability and labour and product standards. We are trustworthy in all the relationships we build, personal or professional, constantly making sure that our actions match our words. 

We owe so much to nature that giving back comes naturally. As means of accomplishing this, we've joined 1% for the Planet, a platform that brings together non-profit organizations with businesses that seek to contribute. 


As passionate life enthusiasts ourselves, we seek to engage and inspire other by promoting a healthy, active, balanced lifestyle. With every product Buddha Brands Co. produces, we provide our consumers with an extension of ourselves. In every sip of coconut water and every bite of coconut chips, our passion for health, taste and superior ingredients is brought to life. 


Balance is essential to who we are. It guides our business, our product and our people. Within all of us is the calm and quiet of the beachfront paired with the exciting bustle of the city scape. Finding a harmonious balance between yoga sessions and wild nights can be challenging. Our products help to equip customers with the fuel to achieve these goals. 


Buddha Brands Co. is committed to empowering employees and providing a safe space to develop their skills and ideas. We've built a team of like-minded individuals who share common beliefs and values. We work together to create the best products and build the best team. We've dedicated to helping employees blossom individually, personally and professionally.