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Maeghan Website  

My favourite coconut water! Love that its a Canadian company too! If you're looking for a super strong coconut flavour, this one isn't for you. But it does have a very nice taste.

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Rozy Website  

I loooooooove Thirsty Buddha and having them available by the litre is amazing! The flavour of Tasty Buddha is consistent from pack to pack which I feel is important because I've had some pretty disgusting experiences with other coconut water brands. I highly recommend this product to have after a workout, during a juice cleanse, or basically at anytime during your day. It's delicious! Also, if you're looking for something with more coconut flavour, try coconut milk.

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Karen Website  

I love this coconut water. It's fine on its own, but I sometimes like to add cocoa and a little maple syrup to the box, shake it up, and then drink it as a not-too-sweet chocolate milk.

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Cathy Website  

I love this coco water for its purity & taste! I will be ordering it regularly! Thank you,!

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Danika Website  

I didn't think these would taste as delicious as they do! Crunchy and just enough chocolate flavor to put any cravings in their place. Highly recommend

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Monica Website  

So good it's hard to stop.

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Ashley Website  

Great, delicious snack!

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April Website  

Great snack!

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Linda Website  

Sweet, yummy and crunchy!

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Marcia Website  

sooo good! These are the perfect snack for the coconut lover. Crunchy, tasty and highly addictive 😉