Thirsty Buddha

Post-workout, looking to replenish and refuel? On-the-go, looking for a hydrating pick-me-up? Making drinks, looking for a better-for-you mixer?

When you’re not properly hydrated, your body just isn’t at its best. Enter Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water: A source of five essential electrolytes, as well as vitamins and minerals that help keep you healthy, boost your metabolism and keep your blood sugar under control. Drop whatever soda, sports drink or juice you might have been drinking and pick up the natural hydrator with absolutely no added sugar, and more potassium in a single serving than a banana.

Made from the very best young coconuts on the planet, Thirsty Buddha is low in calories, full of nutrients such as magnesium and potassium and is a good source of fibre.

Zero added sugar. Zero fat or cholesterol. Free from GMOs. Vegan certified and naturally gluten-free. Never from concentrate. Oh, and did we mention it’s also delicious and refreshing? Get to sipping, you can thank us later.