Who We Are

At Buddha Brands, the mini but mighty coconut is king. Using our favourite wonder food, we make Thirsty Buddha® Coconut Water, Hungry Buddha® Coconut Chips and Jerky, and Healthy Buddha™ Coconut Nectar and Vinegar.

What’s so special about coconuts? To keep it brief, everything – calling them delicious and nutritious only scratches the surface.

From a single coconut fruit, you can eat the coconut fruit and oil, drink coconut water and milk, use the coconut husk and oil for clean biofuel, and use the fibres to make shelter, clothing, and anything else you can think of.

Coconuts are super sustainable, since they require so little water to grow. They’re also as healthy as fruits come, since they’re sources of healthy fats, essential vitamins and minerals.

Superfood almost doesn’t cut it as a title, right?